The Ratio Studio is the location where users can create and view the results of ratio studies. After selecting the Ratio Studio button or tab, users will be presented with two options; Create a Ratio Study or View the Results of an Existing Study.

Creating a Ratio Study

When creating a ratio study, users are presented with numerous options. Once the options have been chosen, select the "Next" button. 

  • Study Type - This is either a "Trial" or "Scratch". There is no true difference between the types of studies. The monikers are provided as an indicator to the user whether the study has validity or not.
  • Study Name - The desired name for the Ratio Study.
  • Study Description - A brief description of the Ratio Study.
  • Study Time Range -  Users can either select a full Equalization year (10/1 - 9/30) or define a Start Date and End Date for the study.

Following the selection of Ratio Study parameters, users are brought to the "Strata Screen". The Strata Screen provides users with the opportunity to select which property Strata's they would like included in the study.

By Default, all Strata are selected for the ratio study. To deselect Strata, select the checkbox on the far left of the table. Once the correct Strata have been chosen, select the  button to run the study.

Clicking finish will put the Ratio Study in the queue for processing and move you to the Ratio Study results page automatically. Because each Strata requires 20,000+ iterations it may take up to 5 minutes to complete your Ratio Study. You will be notified via e-mail when your Ratio Study is complete. Alternatively, just refresh on the Ratio Study results page by pressing your F5 key every few minutes until your results appear. In the even that your results do not appear please contact T2 to see if there was an error in processing.

Viewing an Existing Ratio Study

To view an existing Ratio Study click the Ratio Study tab and select the "Continue" button to the right of "Results":

From here you will see all available studies in the results screen. Simply click the green plus to expand the study and "Print Report" to view the report for each Strata. Clicking on the magnifying glass  will bring up a window detailing the Study Name, Study Description, and Study Notes.