The Equalization System is a web-based software platform that is available to municipal officials 24/7. The software requires that users have an internet connection and a web browser for access.

User Structure

The new system allows for multiple users inside of a single municipality to work on the system simultaneously. To accommodate this, the system has different levels of users. Each municipality will have an administrative account provided to them by DRA. Administrative accounts have full access to all municipal functions, additionally Administrators can create sub-accounts. The sub-accounts (user accounts) are intended for municipal personal whom are not the administrators. Administrators can limit the access to functions for sub-accounts.

Program Functions

The Equalization System has six (6) major functions accessible from both the Home page and from the tabs across the top of the interface:

  1. Verification of Real Estate Transactions (VERIFY): This is where the majority of functionality in the system resides. Municipal users can verify and add assessment data to real estate transactions in a wizardized four (4) step process.
  2. Questions Interface (QUESTIONS): Interface for municipalities to respond to DRA questions on real estate transactions. Note: When the green notice "Pending Questions Available" is displayed, new questions have been posed to the user.
  3. Ratio Studies (RATIO STUDY)Location where users can perform Ratio Studies and view results.
  4. Reporting Interface (REPORTS): Location where all reports can be viewed from. Note: reports can be downloaded as PDF, MS Word, and MS Excel.
  5. Settings (SETTINGS AND PROPERTY CODES): Location where users can enter general information about municipality. Municipal Administrative users can create sub-accounts from this location.
  6. Utilities Interface (UTILITIES): Location where users can upload municipal CAMA files.

The six (6) major program functions can be found on the home screen and are accessible by either clicking the respective tab on the menu on any page or by clicking  following the function you wish to use on the home page. Users are automatically taken to the home screen upon successful login.