Once an entity (and all of their associated entities) has undergone the necessary reviews and has submitted all required documentation, their advisor will create a preliminary tax rate. Users may log in and adjust their requested overlay and fund balance to reduce taxes before submitting their reviewed tax rate back to the DRA. The rate is reviewed and authorized, at which time the final rate for the entity is set.

Home Page

Once the preliminary rate has been set by the advisor, the system will notify all municipal administrators assigned to that entity via email. These users will then have access to the tax rate calculator. This feature is accessed through the Tax Rates page, which can be found under the “Tax Rates”tab at the top of the screen or by clicking “Continue” next to“Tax Rates” on the home screen.

On the Tax Rates page is a list of rates that have been generated for the entity. The list is presented in a table with six columns: Actions, Name, Status, Description, Total Tax Rate, and Created Date.In the actions column are two buttons: a green arrow, which will take you to the Tax Rate Calculator and a print icon, which brings your to the Tax Rate Report.