The 0000-0000 account code will be removed as of tax year 2023 in order to more properly adhere to the use of account codes pursuant to Revenue Rules. The exception granted to utilize the 0000-0000 account code was never intended to be permanent. The MTRSP has and can continue to be used to handle appropriations that had previously been utilizing the 0000-0000 account code.

Collective Bargaining Agreement articles that used the placeholder account "0000 - 0000 Collective Bargaining" in the proposed budget will need to be handled differently if they pass at annual meeting: the appropriations will have to be moved from the placeholder account to the proper appropriations accounts.

To properly enter the voted appropriations for these articles, follow the steps below:

  1. Mark the article as having passed.
  2. Indicate that the article was amended.
  3. Indicate that the amendment was financial.

This will unlock the appropriations account code table and allow you to reassign the appropriations from the placeholder account code to the proper appropriations account codes. As the article was not "truly" financially amended at the annual meeting, you should indicate in the amendment notes field that it was edited only to reassign the appropriations as voted for collective bargaining purposes. An example: "Article passed as written. Appropriations reassigned from Collective Bargaining account code as necessary."