Appropriations Mode

Once the Proposed Budget has been submitted, the Budget Home page will be in Appropriations mode: the red drafting message at the top will be replaced with a green "Appropriations" message and all of the icons next to your warrant articles will change from red to green. The annual meeting outcome must be entered for each warrant article. Click the green icon () next to a warrant article to view the annual meeting details:

Annual Meeting Information

The warrant article page will have a new "Annual Meeting" section below the article language, containing the following:

  1. Annual meeting questions: for each article, these must be answered in order.
  2. Vote counts: these are optional but may be useful for recording vote counts for historical purposes.
  3. Notes Field: required if an article is amended.

Annual Meeting Questions

There are three annual meeting questions. The first two must be answered for each warrant article in the system. The third question is only required if an article was amended.

Did the Warrant Article Pass or Fail?

  • Pass: If the article passed and it was a monetary article, the system will automatically bring forward the proposed amounts to the "Appr As Voted" column in the account code table at the bottom of the page.
  • Fail: If the article failed and it was a monetary article, the system will automatically zero out the "Appr as Voted" column.

Was the Warrant Article Amended?

This dropdown is enabled if the article passed.

  • Yes: This indicates that the article had an amendment and the third question must be answered in addition to providing an explanation in the Notes field.
  • No: No other action needs to be taken and you can click "Save & Next" or "Save & Home" after answering the question.

Was Amendment Financial?

This dropdown is enabled if the article was amended.

  • Yes: This indicates that the amendment was financial in nature and unlocks additional functionality on this page.
  • No: No additional action needs to be taken (other than providing the explanation for the amendment in the Notes field).

Financial Amendments

If the article was financially amended, the "Appr as Voted" column in account code table at the bottom of the page will be unlocked. This will allow you to adjust or reassign appropriations as needed to reflect the amendments. The "Populate as Zeroes" button will zero out all appropriations as voted for a financially-amended article. This can be helpful for articles with a number of appropriations amounts spread across a large number of account codes.

Once the necessary questions have been answered and the amendment details have been entered, click "Save & Next" to save the article or "Save & Home" to save and return to the Budget Home page.

Special Considerations

What to do if you've accidentally zeroed out your voted appropriations and need to "reset" the article:
  1. "Reset" the annual meeting questions in reverse order (3-2-1) by choosing the "- Select -" option in each dropdown
  2. Re-answer the questions in order