Per DOE reporting requirements, School districts must enter the breakdowns for Elementary, Middle, and High school. These breakdowns are entered on the voted appropriations review page (1) that is displayed after clicking "View/Submit Appropriations". At any point in time, you can click the "Save & Recalculate" link above the table (2) to save your work and refresh the totals shown in the "Appropriations Summary" at the bottom of the page.

Once all breakdowns have been entered, you can click "Continue to Step 2 - Finalize". The system will check to ensure that your breakdown values reconcile with the total "As Voted" amount when you attempt to finalize and will notify you if any amounts do not reconcile.

You may notice that some breakdown fields for certain account codes are disabled. This is by design - those are not required; the DOE does not collect the breakdowns for those account codes.