The 0000-0000 account code will be removed as of tax year 2023 in order to more properly adhere to the use of account codes pursuant to Revenue Rules. The exception granted to utilize the 0000-0000 account code was never intended to be permanent. The MTRSP has and can continue to be used to handle appropriations that had previously been utilizing the 0000-0000 account code.

Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) warrant articles are created using the same method as other articles (See: Creating Warrant Articles), however they use a specific category and type:

  • Category: Individual
  • Type: Collective Bargaining Agreements

Once the article has been created, there are two options when entering the appropriations information (See: Editing Warrant Articles):

  1. Assign itemized appropriations to the standard account codes, as with other warrant articles.
  2. Enter the total appropriations amounts into the system-specific CBA account code "0000-0000 Collective Bargaining" (found under "General Government" or "General Administration"). 

If you choose the second option, and the article passes, there will be an additional step required when entering the appropriations as voted to reassign the amount from the CBA-specific account code to the appropriate appropriations accounts.