Viewing Reports

Reports can often be accessed two ways:

  1. Specific reports from the related Portal interface (e.g. the Proposed Budget report can be accessed with the "View Budget Report" button on the Budget tab)
  2. The Reports tab

On the Reports tab, you have access to all of the reports appropriate to your user level and entity type. To view a report:

  1. Select an entity from the Entity menu
  2. Select the tax year of interest
  3. Select the report you wish to run
  4. If the report has additional optional parameters, you can specify them here
  5. Click "Run Report"

The report will appear either in a pop-up window or on the page you're viewing. Across the top of the report, you will see a menu bar with page numbers and navigation buttons (1), a search field (2), a Save/Export button (3), and a refresh button (4).

Exporting/Saving Reports

To save a report, you will use the Save/Export button (). Clicking this will present you with a dropdown menu with various options for file types.

Printing Reports

To print a report, you must save the report to a file on your local computer (We recommend PDF for printing purposes). Open that file in an appropriate program and print from within the program.