If you do not have any articles drafted for the current tax year, the Portal will allow you to import your articles from the previous year by clicking "Import Prior Year Articles" on the Budget Home page. For some entities that often have a large number of articles that do not change (or change very little) year-to-year, this can save a lot of time.

The import process will bring in the warrant articles with their categories, types, article numbers, purposes, and article language. It will also import the appropriations and revenues assigned to the relevant account codes. It will not import the total appropriations and total revenues. This is intentional; it prevents accidental submission of the imported articles from the prior year as this year's proposed budget by requiring you to review each article and make revisions as necessary (See: Editing Warrant Articles).

If you have made changes or created articles and wish to re-import the prior year articles to start over, you must first delete the articles you have in the system.