Step 1: Submission Requirements

The following requirements must be met in order to proceed with the submission process:

  1. All warrant articles have been entered into the Portal (See: Creating Warrant Articles)
  2. Pre-review Comments, if any, have been addressed (See: The Pre-Review Process)
  3. "Raise/Offset Match" column on the Budget Home page reads "True/True" for each article (See: Editing Warrant Articles)
  4. For SB-2 entities, the Default Budget has been submitted (See: Creating and Submitting the Default Budget)

If the above conditions have been met, click "View/Calculate Budget".

Step 2: Prior Year Values

The Portal will import any prior year appropriations and revenues data that is available. These values should be reviewed for accuracy and compared against your records and can be adjusted as needed. In some situations, it may be necessary to adjust the prior year totals. This can be done by editing the values in the right column of the summary table at the bottom of the page.

Once all prior year information has been confirmed, click "Continue to Step 2 - Finalize" at the bottom of the page:

For MBA entities, the supplemental schedule will be displayed on the next page.

You will be presented with a confirmation page and a second Finalize button. Clicking this button will complete the submission process for the Proposed Budget.

If this button is disabled, your user account does not have sufficient privileges to finalize - only administrative accounts can complete this final step.

Once the Proposed Budget has been submitted, the Budget Home page will be in Appropriations mode: the red drafting message at the top will be replaced with a green "Appropriations" message and all of the icons next to your warrant articles will change from red to green (See: Entering Appropriations as Voted).