The pre-review process is an optional (but recommended) step that can be taken prior to submitting the proposed budget. It is recommended that a pre-review be requested only after all of the proposed warrant articles have been entered into the system.

Requesting Pre-Review

To request a pre-review, click the "Request Pre-Review" button at the bottom of the Budget Home page. This will send an email notification to your advisor in addition to flagging your entity as ready for pre-review within the Portal. This action can only be done once. Your advisor will review your drafted warrant articles as soon as they are able, When they have completed the review, they will "release" comments on the articles to you and you will receive an email notification from the Portal.

Viewing Comments

Each warrant article with pre-review comments will have icons visible in the "Actions" column on the Budget Home page that indicate the comment status.

Icon Indication
One or More Comments Still Pending There are pending pre-review comments that must be addressed or responded to.
All Comments Completed All comments have been completed or no action needs to be taken.
There are unread comments available to view. There are unread pre-review comments or messages.

To view the pre-review comments, click the red icon () next to the article to go to the warrant article information page. Below the article language you will see the Pre-Review Comments section. Clicking the green icon () next to a comment will expand that comment. 

Responding to Comments

You can respond to comments by expanding the comment and clicking "Add Reply". Clicking "Mark As Read" marks the pre-review comment as read.

When you have addressed a comment and the advisor is satisfied that the appropriate revisions have been made, they will mark the comment as completed and the pending icon () will change to a completed icon ().