You can use the search through any documents view for a specific document you're looking for by using the search bar. The forms tabs from the home page is used as an example below, begin by typing any term from the document you want to see and the documents view will automatically update with any document including those terms in the title.

Changing the number of results shown

As shown in the figure below, you can change the number of results shown on any documents view (seen below is the forms tabs from the home page) by clicking the arrow after the number of results currently being shown and picking the number of results you'd prefer to see in increments of 10, 25, 50, or 100.

Uploading documents

Non-software-generated reports and forms (such as scanned ballot forms or signature pages) that must be submitted by the user can be entered into the system by clicking on the “Upload Attachment” link, found on the bottom of the Home Page tab on either of the four documents tabs.

You will be brought to the Uploads page shown below. Here, select the template for the upload (what type of form it is), include any notes, then click “Choose File” and navigate to the file on your computer that you wish to upload. Be aware of acceptable file types when uploading your document.

When the file is selected, the portal will begin the file transfer. For larger files, you may see an upload progress bar. If the upload is successful, you will receive a prompt from the portal indicating a successful upload. The system will automatically set the status of the document to “Pending” (1) and record the current date as the “Submitted Date” (2).

Software-generated reports and user-uploaded documents can be viewed by clicking on “View Report” (3) in the“Go To” column on the far right. Your browser will open the file in a new window or download it to your computer for viewing.