Creating New Warrant Articles

To create a Warrant Article, go to your Budget Home and click the "Create Warrant" button at the bottom of the page.

Step 1: Select Category and Type

Select an appropriate category (1) and then select an article type (2). The type will provide you with DRA-approved template language for the article. The category and type cannot be edited once the article has been created.

For a list of warrant articles types and their template language, you can run the report "Reference - Warrant Article Template Language" from the Reports tab in the portal.

Step 2: Enter Number and Purpose

Enter a warrant article number (3). We recommend prefixing single-digit article numbers with a zero (e.g. Article 1 becomes "01"). This will ensure they are presented in the proper order in the system reports. Enter an article purpose (4). The purpose can be considered the "title" of the article and should be under 50 characters.

Step 3: Enter Raise and Offset Amounts

Enter the total proposed appropriations for the article (5) and the estimated offsetting revenues (6). For monetary articles, the total proposed appropriations cannot be zero (offsetting revenue can be). These amounts can be edited later. This step is not applicable and is hidden when creating a non-monetary warrant article.

Step 4: Preview and Select Language Templates

A preview of the DRA template language is shown. You may leave the "Use DRA Template Language" checkbox (7) checked if you wish to start with this template language. The language can be edited later.

Click "Generate" to create the article and edit it further or "Cancel" to discard your changes and return to your Budget Home page (8).

See also Editing Warrant Articles.