The User Profile page allows the account and contact information for a specific user to be changed. The Profile for your account can be accessed by clicking "My Profile" in the upper right corner of the Portal:

The User Profile page for both your account and for others assigned to your entities can also be accessed from the Users List by clicking the magnifying glass () next to an account:

Municipal Administrators can modify the profiles of the users assigned to their entity. Individuals with Municipal User or Municipal Viewer accounts can only modify specific aspects of their own profiles. Certain aspects cannot be edited after the account has been created (such as the username).

User Levels

User Accounts are assigned to an access level, which determines the types of functions that they can perform within the portal:

  • Municipal Administrator
  • Municipal User
  • Municipal Viewer (viewers can also be granted the ability to upload files by checking "Allow Uploads")

Assigning/Removing Entities

Municipal Administrators can assign or remove entities from accounts. Only entities that the Administrator has access to, themselves, can be added. To assign an entity to a user, select it from the "Available Entities" list on the right (1) and click "Add Entity to Assigned List" (2):

To remove an entity from a user, select it in the "Assigned Entities" list on the left (1) and click "Remove Entity from Assigned List" (2):

Note: You can select more than one entity at a time using your Control and/or Shift keys.

Disabling User Accounts

Disabling an account prevents the user from logging in to the Portal and receiving emails from the system but does not remove their account. This can be useful if a user only requires access during certain periods of time. Accounts can be disabled or re-enabled at any time from the "User Status" dropdown: