When logging in to a new account for the first time, you will complete the One-Time Setup Process where you will set a password and a security question.

Note: If you have been given the username and password for an existing account that is being reassigned to you (such as when you take over a position from an existing user), you will not need to complete this process and instead should edit the user profile to change the account password, challenge question and answer, and relevant contact information.

One-Time Setup

Clicking the link in the email will take you to the password reset page. Enter a new password that meets the requirements shown, re-enter that password to confirm it, then click "Save".

You will then be shown the login page for the Portal with a message indicating that you have changed the password on the account. Enter the username you were given and the password that you set, then click "Log In".

Once you have logged in, you will be asked to set a Challenge Question and a Challenge Answer. Select a question from the dropdown menu and enter an answer for it, then click "Save".

Note: If you ever forget your password, lose access to your account, or need to contact us for certain types of technical support, you will need to provide the answer to confirm your identity.

Your password, Challenge Question, and Challenge Answer can be changed at any time by viewing your profile (See: User Profile).